Dominion Flyer - 12/27-12/31/2019

"dominion food lovers unite the new year cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher sale save $8.50 lb ready for a fresh start? we've got fresh deals december 27 - 31 pinehill stores closed please see online or in-store for holiday store hours purensts maple leaf ready crisp or schneiders bacon natural bacon naturel original chicken wings les de poulet sale save at least $3 chicken breasts pinehill chicken breast keep troca or no name split chicken wings metron 2kg presleti choice le choice pricillat pc bacon-wrapped nova scotian sea scallops pc organics white or cremini mushrooms multi less than 4 $1.39 ea farmer's market english cucumbers 3's sale save $4 white blancs ech black diamond tassimo caramelled onion flatbread pain plat poul bacon it oignons cabaneless delissio berable tex mex nabob maxwell houses thin crispy mince et cacustlane pepperoni bregens hiladelphia mane tostitos origina philadelphia rounds rondes breyers lord can wild blueberries bleuets sauvages cardions creamery style onai cranberry mottu clamato thus 50 multi less than 2 $2.99 ea philadelphia cream cheese selected varieties mott's clamato juice garden cocktail ocean spray beverages or breyers creamery style ice cream magnum 3's or pc frozen fruit pep cheemo perogies mccain superfries portal coca cola multi less than 2 $4.99 ea coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks available in the great to go department let's chat in the new year book a free 15 minute chat with your in-store dietitian learn more at

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