Dominion Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 2)

dominion optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members mom trade raw crues see back page for details lore mcana pts tropicana orange juice 2631 yoplait source yogurt 16's or liberté greek starbucks iced liberté greek selected varieties pc pacific large white shrimp raw zipperback seaquest fish fillets seal quest selected varieties pecitic codes that's like $2 in points for every $10* spent on any clover leaf item selected varieties and sizes buy 2 get pls jos becel original tre original saw becel margarine selected varieties becel avecado ox etites vachon or hostess snack cakes little bites selected varieties little bites clover leaf sockeye salmon wild red pacific 3.kat bad bli multi less than 2 $4.99 ea kar al fruit blend clover leaf chunk light tuna skipaack in water opisu lcra pts pc frozen fruit selected varieties mango mangues pepperidge farm goldfish crackers selected varieties goldfish goldfish ane chedder cheddar real cheese that's like $3 in points for every $15* spent on club house spices and extracts selected varieties and sizes free casa mama riere cereal cream scots blend cream scotsburn or baxter cream selected varieties ristorante pleaspirace casa di mama pizza selected varieties frozen la grille paprika utre no sugar moet namon sogar adol del monte oast funch ney nut ruit cocktai uleerios selected varieties del monte canned fruit uced peaches selected varieties earn double points this weekend multi multi less than 2 $3.99 ea mis vickies less than 2 s5.49 ea inican vickies pepsi miss vickie's kettle cooked potato chips selected varieties glede original recipe recette originale or pepsi soft drinks selected varietiesoca cola esso mobil + pe optimum coca-cola multi and mobi-stations during offer period less than 2 s5.29 ea erra $1299 finish sweets & beets tes douces et betteraves terra vegetable chips selected varie perra original coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties propi paas ! cesar dog fooder variety pack selectera varteles celle finish 40-55's or gain laundry detergent uanto gain or downy fabric selected varieties son cesar cocabola gain entrees.repas da back

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