Dominion Flyer - 04/21-04/27/2022 (Page 5)

produce canada canada autumncrisp english cucumbers product of canada canada no 1 grade each concombres anglais pc sable seedless black seedless or extra large green or red seedless grapes product of south africa varietesss raisins noirs sans pépins sable seedless" ou très gros raisins verts ou rouges sans pépins pc greenhouse tomatoes on the vine product of canada canada no.1 grade tomates de serre sur vigne atlantic package romaine hearts product of u.s.a avocados product of mexico each avocats 3's cours de laitue romaine rutabagas product of atlantic canada canada no.1 grade rutabagas buy 2 get farmer's market apples atlantic canada selected varieties or bartlett pears 3 lb bag product of argentina extra fancy grade pommes délices du marchén ou poires bartlett pc classic salads and greens product of u.s.a selected varieties salades classiques et légumes-feuilles pcho mini salads prepared fresh in-store daily selected varieties mini-salades fraiches coleslaw salade chou great to go farmers market delices marché ceviche ziggy's crea ziggy's dinner roll sandwiches selected varieties paquet ziggy's salads selected varieties salades ziggy's florentine farmer's market tarmers markstar fresh pies sdelos 4 marche selected varieties tartes fraîches délices du marchém ziggy's pod cremalles en petits pains the deli pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members see back page for details oka cheese selected varieties deli cut fromage oka armstrong cheddar deli cut cheddar armstrong pts that's like $2 in points for every $12* spent on piller's service case salami selected varieties salami du comptoir de service piller's prosciutto $4.49 ea sobra sabra hummus selected varieties hummus sabra sabra classique pc splendido deli meat selected varieties viandes de charcuterie pcm splendido mld genoa sabra silor more great to go items plus applicable taxes

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