Dominion Flyer - 02/27-03/04/2020 (Page 3)

produce canada tarmer's markets yellow o ns ognons jaunes atlantic fame sadelices du marché red delicious farmer's market app akan or red delicious apples product of canada canada no.1 grade farmer's market délces du marché mcintosh farmer's market carrots or onions product of atlantic canada farmers market delos march carrots carottes orri easy to peel mandarin mandarines faciles a peler opanes sangu mof blood ora presidente chirice leclaice prabut canada patch pc blood oranges product of u.s.a or pc orri mandarins product of israel easy topel pc whole cremini or white mushrooms product of canada white blancs orri mandarin mandarines oranges sanguines moro blood oranges jit des e-uai canada kiwi gold 1 lb product of italy or avocado 6's product of mexico greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade kent mango mangue sable seedless bests mitt ist badu erleuse multi less than 2 $2.99 ea sweet potatoes product of u.s.a large cantaloupe product of guatemala or honduras each pc sable seedless black seedless grapes product of south africa pc kent mango product of peru canada multi english cucumbers atlantic rutabagas iceberg lettuce product of u.s.a.or mexico each > cod sprino mix melande printanier 00ocedar cedar baby spinach jeunes buc epinards canada floral shop canada pc mixed salad greens product of u.s.a selected varieties cedar kombucha product of canada assorted varieties snack cups cheese or veggies with ranch dip prepared fresh in-store daily in the salad bar pc more-than-a- dozen tulips assorted colours and varieties grown in canada

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