Dominion Flyer - 02/27-03/04/2020 (Page 4)

butcher country canada pinehillerato chicken wings cut up seasoned shin wiss rake cut-up chicken wings boneless blade pot roast or marinating steak family size cut from canada aa grade beef or higher keepproven 2kg canada pork shoulder blade chops or roast striploin grilling steak family size cut from canada aa grade beef or higher johnsonville johnsonville multi johnsonville sausage selected varieties pork side ribs whole chicken drumsticks or thighs lunch mate wong wing gara spring rolls rouleaux de printemps nashville osch wong wing mam jambon gamal too chiku palet gedrala mild multi douces less than 3 $3.49 ea word schneiders lunchmate stackers or maple leaf simply natural selected varieties wong wing entrées pc chicken wings or too good fish market cean blue salt fish bits mes morceaux de poisson salee cout of produit du canada fresh steelhead trout fillets jlb se vodi negeri ini or ocean blue salt fish bits seal ouest salad shrimo crevettes po crevettes seaquest sauvages wild caushe wild sea scallops plondes geants frozen bay scallops picondes de baie congelés pc wild sea scallops seaquest small bay scallops or cooked salad pc shrimp platter with sauce seafood chowder or marina del rey raw wild shrimp ſea fresh seafood items subject to availability

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