Dominion Flyer - 10/24-10/30/2019 (Page 4)

bakery charlotte's squares selected varieties gelo etages farmer's market whole or sliced loaf cake selected varieties mat mosch banana bananes 380g set baked in-store baked in-store deluxe cinnamon buns danish icing or cream cheese 8's ace bakery artisan rols mini croissants selected varieties tortillas admin wielzs moulin dildmill wilx moulin new muffins english anglais original nature english muffins anglais tunicanos multi tortillas multi less than 2 $2.99 ea less than 2 $2.29 ea old mill bread white or whole wheat pc or blue menu english muffins pc or blue menu selected varieties res great to go ziggys ziggys crispy chicken sandwich with small fries or wedges 3619 bento california rolls selected varieties family pizza dipping sauces ziggy's salads selected varieties canada goat's friulano feta de chevre arorld dairy optimum agropus rand cada pc goat's milk cheese 300 g or pc feta in brine 400g selected varieties agropur grand cheddar mini saputo friulano cheese natural selections she hummus multi less than 2 $3.49 ea or turkey deli meat selected varieties maple leaf natural selections deli meat selected varieties pc organics dips or hummus selected varieties

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