Dominion Flyer - 06/16-06/22/2022 (Page 4)

sale save at least $2 lb 2.⁹⁹ chicken drumsticks or thighs family size pilons ou hauts de cuisse de poulet save this week 6.9⁹9⁹ pc® naturally smoked bacon selected varieties bacon fumé naturellement pc sale save 76€ 34⁹ philadelphia philadelphia cream selected varieties fromage à la crème trempettes ou glaçage philadelphia philadelphia for sale save at least $1.80 save this week sale save at least $1.50 2.99⁹ 2⁹⁹ 544 mccain klondike 34⁹ breakfast pockets sandwich kraft singles processed cheese 410 g or breyers classic or popsicle frozen dessert 1.66 l or popsicle chapman's lolly 18-28's noveltie selected varieties frozen dessert glacé classique breyers pamily ou popsicle ou friandises glacées lassic or garlic bread pizza classic pockets 6's selected varieties frozen rising ou au pain à l'ail delissio ou leve- pochettes classiques mccain delissio singles selected varieties fromage fondu singles ou cheez whiz kraft original cheddar orig vanilla pepperoni save 98 save 96 sale save at least $1.50 $54-3⁹⁹ $3.99 ea $1.49 ea coca-cola tero sugar downy tide laundry detergent pc® natural spring water eau de source naturelle pcmd coca-cola canada dry or nestlé pepsi soft drinks pure life water selected varieties neste pure life eau pure life boissons gazeuses softener 1.53 selected varieties want more deals? our full flyer lives online scan to see our complete digital flyer natural spring water peter bacon bacon philadelphia philadelphia breyers spring source abs original cream cheese dominion must buy june 16 - 19 sale save $5.11 lb striploin grilling steak canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher bifteck de contre-filet à griller save this week 24⁹ pc® extra large red or green seedless grapes product of mexico très gros raisins rouges ou verts sans pépins pcmd sale save $7 lb 10.9⁹ live lobster homard vivant fresh seafood items subject to availability les produits de poissonnerie frais sont offerts selon les arrivages original cream cheese fromage a la creme so artificial favours or colours pepsi patte autumncrisp sweet celebration kraft cheez tide

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