Dominion Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2020 (Page 3)

all stores will be closed see in-store or visit for store holiday hours "dominion ist of the season! chicken breasts or thighs family size atlantic local strawberries quart weather permitting boneless pork half loin rib and sirloin portion cryovac pkg optimum members only offers pc gourmet roast and ground coffee selected varieties gourmet west coast dark roast peter smoke house traditional bacon smokehouse” raspberries product of u.s.a no 1 grade the great canadian sale save $2 member prioo non-member prico philadelphia wild sea scallops pétoncles géants samages de onogom kellogg's rice krispies bars special k bars 125 g or nutri-grain bars selected varieties singles sale sas save $5 pop tarts pc bacon wrapped wild sea scallops frozen kraft singles processed cheese product selected varieties no artificial flavours or colours ఈayya nutri grain strawberry frosted strawberry gluten fraises popsicle original cyclone real miracle whip member price breyers heinz ketchup non-member price somato alik tomates family classic que optimum pts selected varieties or popsicles 6-12's selected varieties frozen lantk old fashioned brown 'ancienne sugar sucre pepsi multi multi less than 2 $1.79 ea less than 2 $4.99 ea lantic sugar selected varieties drinks selected varieties member price non-member prico

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