Farm Boy Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 3)

pantry essentials & fridge favourites farm boytm pure ontario honey all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ salad dressings all varieties in the grocery department save $1.00 ea farm boyt gourmet bbq sauce all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boy flavoured mayonnaise all varieties new save $1.00 ea farm boy rainbow veggie fries aflavourful blend of and parsnips rainbow reggie fries hone honey bbq bbq chipotle mense local local local riviera yogurt sesmark crackers san pellegrino sparkling fruit drinks all varieties all varieties save $0.99 ea paqui tortilla chips all varieties save $1.29 ea farm boytm gelato or sorbet locally made in small batches with quality ingredients all varieties save $0.99 ea paquiy riviera sellomino gluten free local liberté 1% kefir eco ideas organic konjac all varieties gluten free the gfb gluten free bites all varieties kicking horse organic fair trade ground coffee all varieties save $4.00 ea all varieties save $1.00 ea covered bridge the weekender chips four great flavours in one giant bag! save $0.50 ea penne wincho igfb uberte liberte kete kiotr им по palm ron gluten free organic gluten free organic greenhouse fiery ginger organic booster fire up your immune system! earth's own so fresh beverages all varieties in the yearth's hy grocery department oown save $0.50 ea sopredek farm boyτμ gluten free cauliflower crust pizza all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boytm organic orange juice made with sweet valencia oranges save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ organic 3.8% milk deposit is required sem bor organic gluten free vegan bakery dinner farm boytm granola clusters loaded with wholesome on top of yogurt save $1.00 ea all varieties fruit filled fresh baked pastry sticks belgian bread all natural all varieties ingredients save $0.50 ea organic organic heat & serve fresh from our chefs gourmet meals farm boy our prepared foods section fresh pasta sauce showcases a variety of made from scratch with our freshly made meals for two chef's own recipes ready to enjoy in minutes! using the best ingredients linguine & meatballs all varieties macaroni & cheese or farm boy farm boy chicken parmigiana or fettuccine or linguine cream cheese dips the perfect choice they double as for pairing with tasty spreads! fresh sauce! all varieties

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