Farm Boy Flyer - 10/08-10/14/2020 (Page 2)

from canadian farms to your table! smoked ham jambon umé farm boyτμ maple wood smoked bacon everything is better with bacon! so wrapped in a layer of our smoky it's made with the best cuts of pork smoked over maple hardwood for an generous stay-fresh portions - no added waste or repacking required! product of canada farm boytm boneless ontario smoked ham your thanksgiving ham is here! smoked over to your holiday feast! product of canada ima marwood moned bacon anconoteca ontario pork fresh canadian leg of lamb the darling of the dinner table! this flavourful cut enjoy it slow roasted with root veggies or braised in your favourite stout with creamed potatoes! product of canada cut from canada aaa beef prime rib oven roast naturally aged at least 14 days for the ultimate with the cap removed for best value product of canada alb canadian ne fresh whole turkey breast smaller family holiday feast approximately 2 kg each product of canada local ль boneless pork loin roast to your regular meal rotation! for an effortless and smothered in your favourite farm boy sauce fresh product of canada ontario pork ль sustainable seafood mesir eser ing crab king crab abe royal crabe royal fresh atlantic salmon fillets salmon fillets are a popular go-to for quick and farm boy sesame ginger vinaigrette before cooking! available at all stores ль except blue heron mall aquastar reserve king crab claws & legs with fresh lemon wedges and melted butter mixed with farm boy garlic flowers for a fun and flavourful seafood dinner at home frozen pre-cracked crec

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