Farm Boy Flyer - 10/08-10/14/2020 (Page 5)

deli shop cheese shop gani prade fig milroch farm boytm italian deli meats we searched italy for the best selection masterfully made using traditional pizzas or salads farm boyτμ goat's milk cheese cheeses are perfect for smearing une truc & her save $0.99 ea all varieties local product of canada adipada kita terranem dicine cuddy oven roasted turkey expertly seasoned and slow roasted in small batches for all varieties aged cheddar cheese is a great addition to your favourite pasta dishes! ilchester cheese co applewood cheddar rolled in paprika for a rich smoky finish brandt premium honey maple smoked ham locally made lean ham with the local sandwiches and in salads schinkel's legacy pastrami expertly spiced and slow cooked to perfection! enjoy it piled on bou boursin rsin smooth & creamy boursin on crackers and enjoy! save $1.99 ea the bake shop farm boy butter tarts enjoy a trip down memory lane with these childhood bakery classics! freshly baked cranberry pumpkin seed bread start your day right! loaded with wholesome ingredients save $0.50 ea baked fresh daily sourdough breads with only natural ingredients save $0.50 ea local farm boy™ cinnamon raisin bread cinnamon and raisins hand rolled into a perfect swirl save $0.50 ea farm boy™ flat breads for your favourite dips all varieties carm bon cinnamon raisk orlad lillones farm boyτμ cinnamon rolls or twists sweet and cozy classic treats made fresh daily sea salt tatoriai merar alon

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