Farm Boy Flyer - 09/19-09/25/2019 (Page 5)

cheese shop baker anic sharp organic double smoked cheddaricheece new farm boytm organic cheddar with organic canadian milk! aging naturally helps create their distinctive in 3 year old double smoked or extra sharp product of canada farm boy fresh baked croissants our croissants are famous for their texture! baked in store every day they're guaranteed to be fresh and melt-in-your- mouth delicious or 4-6 regular per pkg roma jarv organic cheddar cheese fromage chedoar εμμα double cream brie jessica pastries 3" mousse cakes must have for entertaining! save $0.50 ea all varieties maple dale made the old fashioned way traditional belgian bread crunchy on the outside and fluffy ingredients and baked fresh daily save $0.50 ea agropur saint-paulin light aroma and velvety texture! art-is-in boulangerie dynamite baguettes enjoy an explosion of flavour and texture in every bite! save $0.50 ea all varieties local nuts for cheese cashew based vegan cheese save $1.00 ea all varieties product of canada farm boүтм cinnamon twists saint-agur or cambozola blue cut in store product of france or germany authentic portuguese rolls local pkg pkg what's for dinner? plant-based farm boy organic soups rimbo arm bor organic rganic mediterranean lato and lentil soup soup an easy solution for plant-based meals or vegetarian busy schedules sometimes call for a grab-and-go option and that's where our delicious roasted chicken comes in! • farm boytm roasted chicken farm boy vegan mayonnaise • farm boy family sized salad type dressing • sweet potato fries • farm boy spicy ajvar makes this into a well-rounded dinner that takes less work than quick dipping sauce by mixing equal parts mayo and ajvar sarm linu organic

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