Farm Boy Flyer - 01/23-01/29/2020 (Page 6)

fridge favourites farm boy gelato or sorbet locally in small batches with only premium ingredients with over a dozen flavours fou with chedoma ja farm boүтм asian chili pork dumplings dumplings are stuffed with canadian ground red chili peppers frozen farm boүтм perogies fresh dough stuffed with enjoy topped with sour pe cream and sauerkraut! perogies orion asenderor dumplings regret com nm bon sgrond mango sorbet tru local serves prestige farm boүтм macaroni & cheese or shepherd's pie white black burnbrae farms prestige eggs liberté greek yogurt all varieties save $1.50 ea frozen estige unterladen macaroni & cheese liberté liberte greek greek gay lea foods co-op nordica cottage cheese all varieties save $0.80 ea organic meadow kefir all varieties save $0.50 ea califia farms almond-based cold brew coffee all varieties save $0.50 ea califia califia caylee nordica 2% kefir kheir kefir nambo colo brew cold brew cold bre calls farm bon almondmine armondmila gluten free green organic frozen vegetables all varieties save $0.50 ea organic liberté organic yogurt all varieties la soyarie organic tofu all varieties soyale able ohcan soyarle liberte organic liberté organic organic sarm tofu biologique organic organic ourim organic plant based essentials earth balance natural spreads creamy and spreadable farm boyt vegan cookies perfectly crispy! vegan yegan peanut hocolate butter chip cookies cookies wat battle farm boy all-in-one nutritional shakes save $5.00 ea all- lok chocolate vanilla utritional shani utritional shae earth balance original vegan vegan pffvegan yegan

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