Farm Boy Flyer - 05/14-05/20/2020 (Page 2)

from canadian farms to your table! farm boyτμ artisan pork sausages handcrafted with lean ontario pork and mouthwatering ingredients! our bacon & cheddar sausages are loaded with a blend of aged cheddar cheese and smoked bacon - enjoy them fresh off the grill with your favourite toppings like farm boy sauerkraut or farm boy hot & sweet peppers also available in 14 other fantastic flavours farm boytm gourmet burgers gourmet burgers are the best! we start with top quality proteins that our chefs jazz up until they're perfect and then bring them to expanding line up of varieties product of canada hbo smikblue don't forget to grab a jar of your favourite ontario pork ль don't skimp on the spreads-grab a jar of our new farm boyτμ chicken breast kebabs we stack these popular skewers by hand with 100% canadian chicken breast and crisp wrapped in bacon chicken product of canada ль cut from canada aaa beef rib eye grilling steak • naturally aged a minimum of 14 days expertly trimmed for best value • marbled for deeper flavour • enjoy with your favourite farm boy sauce product of canada dla canadian be try it with farm boy international hayter's farm extra lean ground turkey product of canada tuna steaks farm boym tuna steaks two perfect 6 oz portions of frozen farm boym coconut shrimp or shrimp tempura for dipping com local sed terrey cheese & deli shop refresh duru seese farm boy rosette de lyon handcrafted with pork shoulder all varieties cheddarealese organic imported krinos parmigiano reggiano feta cheese save $3.00 ea select varieties product of italy product of canada farm boy organic cheddars smooth and nutty cheddars made with organic canadian milk all varieties product of canada farm boy triple cream brie farm 'boy cold pressed juices your summer talk about juicy! our new cold pressed juices are cool bottle has an added dose of pressed goodness to go all varieties yega cuddy turkey breast roast freshly sliced at our déli counter product of canada ultra buttery & fresh tiple dream brie local

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