Farm Boy Flyer - 11/14-11/20/2019 (Page 3)

from our kitchen to yours at the salada farm boytm chef-made crispy kettle chips choice for our farm boy delightfully delicious dips! sriracha or tortilla arm bor bar! cauliflower & kale farm boytm new & kale soup creamy cauliflower and leafy kale come together in our newest soup!vegan-friendly and crammed full of veggies weeknight staple for healthy eaters egan farm boүтм fresh salads enjoy a light lunch on the go with your choice of mighty caesar or power protein harvest kale salad freshly made every and dried cranberries and tossed them all in our farm boy apple cider vinaigrette! with 4 g of protein nutritious punch fresh vegetarian farm boytm fresh salsa fresh from the farm boy kitchen! available in hot crispy farm boytm tortilla chips for an easy-to-serve snack this weekend fresh salsa at the hote bar! farm boүтм roasted chicken or thighs freshly made with 100% and roasted to perfection packaged to go and available in the hot case roasted chicken breast is also available for pad thai dare we say the most popular of and food trucks alike? our version of yummy pad thai is vegetarian and made with gluten free ingredients savoury stir-fried rice noodles meet eggs farm boүтм meatballs & herbed linguine bring home a restaurant quality dinner for two and enjoy! find them in the prepared foods counter pkg classic mexican shrimp cocktail serves 2-3 vun chef inspired christmas dinner turkey or ham you choose! reheating time required just heat generously serves juice of 12 lime farm boy fleur de sel to taste farm boytm corn tortilla chips until internal temperature reaches 158°f olive oil and lime juice season to taste with fleur de sel enjoy a fully cooked roasted turkey with smoked ham with maple glaze and honey dishes to complete your meal! order by monday december 16 or while order in-store or online decades all rictures shown are for illustration purpose only

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