Farm Boy Flyer - 12/26-12/31/2019 (Page 6)

cool picks farm boytm ice cream sandwiches treat yourself to soft vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two soft cookies! available in chocolate chip or fudge chip farm boүтм indian appetizer trios of tamarind sauce for dipping frozen ente vanilla cheesecake milk chocolate seat farm boytm new york style cheesecakes velvety smooth and simply swirled with chocolate or fruit for an ultra decadent delight save $1.00 ea ice cream sandwiches mentorstyle chocolate cheesecake dale chradale swal anne me prestige serves weterance farm boytm macaroni & cheese or shepherd's pie frozen save $1.00 ea burnbrae farms prestige eggs farm boytm stone baked pizza postige terladen tarture bared heatre macaroni farm boytm gelato or sorbet locally in small batches sao saputo shredded cheese blends all varieties save $0.50 ea califia farms plant based beverages all varieties save $2.00 ea gelato mozzarellissima petu sorbet local farm boyτμ organic milk refundable deposit required rise organic kombucha all varieties save $2.00 ea almondmilk almondmilk almandmilk farm bon gluten free olympic gourmet organic yogurt olympic all varieties organic organ save $1.00 ea arm bot farm bor farm bo organic organic organic plant based essentials tofu dip farm boyτμ vegan tofu dips packed with spices! farm boy™ cashew cheese yegan ring in the new year with this ew cheese plant-based alternative! farm boytm vegan stir fry kits minutes! udon or rice belietile-beret toftstofu dip egan free smoked paprika cashew cheese tofu dip soyegan- simu vegan vegan

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