Farm Boy Flyer - 06/25-07/01/2020 (Page 3)

olives pantry staples & fridge pavourites farm boy green or kalamata olives all varieties save $0.49 ea farm boy maple creme cookies made with 100% cookies pure maple syrup farm boy baguette crisps double baked for extra crunch farm boy flavoured tortilla chips select varieties save $0.50 ea farm boym gelato or sorbet watermelon sorbet is back for a limited time only! baguette crisps bum maple come cookies local local sealtest chocolate milk all varieties save $1.12 ea la fournée dorée brioche burger buns plain or sesame gay lea foods co-op sour cream all varieties gay save $0.79 ea sour cream la croix sparkling water all varieties farm boym stone-baked flatbreads all varieties save $1.00 ea fate la croix la croix cevde sour cream original fever tree premium mix liberté greek yogurt jarritos mexican soda all varieties save $0.54 ea farm boyτμ organic kombucha all varieties save $1.00 ea earth's own plant-based beverages all varieties ge die save $1.49 ea earth's dat all varieties all varieties save at least ownrics fryen tree sorros tone water fever-tree tonic water organic neal brothers bbq sauce unbun keto buns flow alkaline spring water all varieties save $0.32 ea seasnax seaweed snacks all varieties seasnax farm boym organic pickles crunchy and full of flavour! all varieties save $0.99 ea regular or vegan unbun low low unbun neal neal brother brother entrum local gluten free igluten free organic bake shop fresh from our chefs farm boy" farm boy cinnamon butter tarts raisin bread favourite! flaky pastry with is made daily by our bakers sugar centre save $0.50 ea traditional farm boy store made sourdough bread strawberry rhubarb pie pita chips save $0.50 ea save $1.00 ea all varieties all varieties farm boy" farm boy" pasta salad fresh salsa enjoy all the best flavours made fresh with the best of summer in these ready- ingredients for to-go salads restaurant-style garden vegetable res flavour or mediterranean hot or mild farm boyτμ farm boy store made ready made appetizers delightfully delicious dips crispy kettle chips just heat & enjoy! pair with fresh chips! not available at all varieties all varieties britannia cinnamon local all varieties

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