Farm Boy Flyer - 06/11-06/17/2020 (Page 3)

pantry staples & fridge favourites farm boy organic tea farm boym 100% all natural peanut butter made with only dry roasted peanuts enjoy these blends served hot or iced! farm boyt flame-baked naan all varieties farm boy texas style rolls or thin buns all varieties farm boyτμ waffle cookie ice cream sandwiches all varieties lakery galli garlic nau epeanut pericii butter sailm ron reco liberté kefir organic stubb's bbq sauces good drink iced teas all varieties save $1.00 ea all varieties save $1.50 ea danone activia yogurts all varieties activia save at least saputo shredded cheese blends all varieties all varieties save $1.32 ea liberte liberte kreir kt tit mozzarellissima activa smink sint ced tlreen lay paqui tortilla chips skotidakis skyr all varieties sky fentimans botanically brewed beverages all varieties all varieties save $1.29 ea farm boytm macaroni & cheese or shepherd's pie all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ organic kombucha all varieties save $0.50 ea new paqui serves skyr unilda putere prettet skyr macies skim skyr organic betty raisin bread kiju organic fruit juices earth's own plant-based beverages all varieties yearth's save $0.50 ea th's down all varieties stonemill organic breads all varieties save $1.49 ea all varieties save $0.99 ea farm boy gluten free cauliflower crust pizzas all varieties save $1.00 ea save $0.49 to $0.99 ea sorreo rest cara baskestis qacons kijų 2150 vegan organic organic gluten free fresh from our chefs bake shop farm boy 9" homestyle pies family-sized pies are the perfect finish to any meal save $1.00 ea all varieties traditional farm boy parisian bread cinnamon rolls save $1.00 ea baked in store farm boym mini powdered donuts all varieties farm boytm hot meals to go prepared daily and perfectly chef-made all varieties farm boytm farm boytm sweet beet & orange soup fresh salsa made fresh daily warm summer day hot or mild farm boytm mixed salads many of your salad bar favourites in a convenient grab and go package all varieties farm boy fresh caprese salad summer salad! baked fresh daily kaiser rolls vegetarian 7pkg 7pkg

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