Farm Boy Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 5)

farm boyτμ soft candies farm boyτμ creamy ranch or caesar dressing or authentic steakhouse garlic dressing & dip find them in the cooler section save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ breakfast or sandwich thins are perfect for sandwiches favourite today! blicken blir en slts setin res soitteet loaded with flavour and great wine gums save $0.49 ea vitae wonen stelrike cule sieme who cane olo local vegan stefano faita pasta sauce all varieties save $1.00 to $2.00 ea dempster's stay fresh bread white or whole wheat save $0.79 ea riviera petit pot yogurt organic and vegan save $1.30 san pellegrino sparkling fruit drinks all varieties farm boyτμ 10" flour tortillas whole wheat упракто las pellegrino activia probiotic yogurt all varieties farm boyτμ organic coconut cream or milk all varieties save $0.32 to $0.82 ea coconut cream love good fat good fat bars all varieties gluten-free save $0.49 ea goodfos simply orange juice all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ organic gluten-free cereals made with 4 simple ingredients or less! save $1.00 ea goodfats jumbo bag organic activia goodfats simply mply orange unge migrati flakes hem vegan god fots dots farm boytm organic apple sauce puréed with the skin on for a richer flavour and colour save $1.00 ea crunchmaster multi-seed crackers all varieties gluten-free multi-seed burnbrae farms large or jumbo organic brown eggs farm boy™ farm boy fair trade organic coffee organic peanut butter all varieties made with just one save $1.00 ea available in crunchy peanut or smooth organ apple sruct trench multi-seed ovo pean butt oto local local bake shop fresh from our chefs farm boyτμ farm boytm chicken tenders organic hummus finger food favourites made with only organic made fresh in our kitchen try regular or beetroot spicy buffalo dipping sauce ind tunisian-style farm boytm farm boytm creamy tzatziki fresh salad bowls try this cool and creamy bowls are a perfect choice grilled meats for lunch on or spread under the go warm falafel dressing ind line farm boyτμ triple fudge brownies our brownies are the perfect sweet treat fresh-baked portuguese buns perfect for sandwiches save farm boyt garlic bread enjoy this classic side bread served warm and partnered with pasta or soup! save $0.50 ea farm boy 8" chocolate chip pecan pie perfect for any occasion save $2.00 ea

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