Farm Boy Flyer - 05/30-06/05/2019 (Page 4)

sustainable seafood deli shop fresh organic blue mussels arriving fresh from canada's east coast to our stores throughout the week check out our chef recipe for rainbow pepper mussels on product of newfoundland organic sette de lysette de dusette de dig sette der classic red win parmesaneck pepe globok farm boytm rosette de lyon french-style salamis are leaner than and available in 4 unique varieties flavour everyone will enjoy available in black pepper cuddy oven roasted turkey breast ideal for lunches and snacks local all varieties fresh rainbow trout fillets in your favourite sauce and baked or pan seared for a simple and nutritious main 170% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin b12 boneless product of canada brandt honey maple smoked ham uniquely sweet flavour local brillin mastro genoa salami this rustic-style salami is perfectly seasoned for an authentic italian fresh wild halibut fillets halibut season is here! flown in fresh through the week from b.c this ultra-lean fish has a mild flavour for grilling or sautéeing boneless product of natural maple leaf natural selections save schinkel's legacy pastrami local local pkg fresh seafood available at all stores except blue heron mall floral colourful celosia motivated by a passion for craftsmanship sofarm pushes the limits of baking every day with their handcrafted artisanal breads their commitment to quality guarantees soft artisanal hamburger and hot dog buns in our bakery department - they'll be the perfect base for your next gourmet bbq creation brighten any space or garden with these ornamental show-stoppers available in an array of colours! popular for their velvety blooms full sun and water regularly

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