Farm Boy Flyer - 01/13-01/19/2022 (Page 4)

new new farm boy creamy dressings or steakhouse garlic dressing & dip save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ mini stroopwafles enjoy sweet bites of caramel farm boym indian-inspired sauces choose from four varieties of ready-to-use sauces save $1.00 ea coconut koran minu mind stroopwafles dopwafies vindaloo curry trio answers an cookins such to cooking stock sedass வாயா tnus alerie local local covered bridge stokkight sol.sumus su covered bridge storm chips four great flavours in one giant bag! save $0.50 ea burnbrae farms free run omega-3 eggs dempster's grain breads all varieties save $1.29 ea tas garlic naam farm boy naan or naan bites all varieties dempers dempste karen bites sille multi kashi kashi ka golean cereals mid-day squares superfood mid-day dsquares squares soua all varieties save $0.99 ea french roast all varieties save $0.50 to $1.00 ea farm boyτμ organic k-cup coffee pods all varieties farm boy chunk lightt skipjack tuna tin ple er nicecent cash chunk or flaked tuna skipjack in oil in oil or water flaked lighttu thomplicemene lustro ozu skipjack in water golean bitta coooo decaf fair trade coffee edp @ca tre eppe hippie snacks plant-based crisps all varieties oat-ly or minor figures oat-based beverage save $1.00 ea rise organic kombuca all varieties save $1.00 ea dat ly! farm boytm coconut water all varieties save $0.49 ea organic fair trade organic fair trade almond crisps out rise rise coconui coconut water water vegan slan vegan bake shop deli + cheese shops farm boytm new york deli-style smoked brisket aged cheddar naturally aged for take a trip to the big apple with our the very best texture new york deli-inspired meats! made and flavour between fresh rye with a swipe product of canada of our tangy dijon président double cream local brie crafted with cow's milk in the traditional french method! product of france farm boyτμ homestyle cookies the perfect remedy to a long school or work day! baked in-store daily and loaded with only the best ingredients farm boytm cinnamon rolls or twists enjoy buttery dough and sweet cinnamon in these classic treats mayo authentic portuguese buns these large rolls are a great base for satisfying sandwiches!

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