Farm Boy Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 2)

sea scallops sea scallops from canadian farms to your grill! farm boym flattened chicken popular for being as tasty as they are easy to prepare! our butchers remove the breast process and making them easy to carve personalize it with your favourite spices they're moist and tender every time! farm boy artisan pork sausages handcrafted with lean ontario pork and loaded with mouthwatering ingredients! enjoy fan favourites like bacon cheddar freshly grilled in a pillowy soft bun they're the perfect vehicle for all your favourite farm boy sauces and toppings! product of canada came chicken ontario pork see jamaican serx ль alb bet cut from canada aaa beef striploin grilling steaks • naturally aged a minimum of 14 days expertly trimmed for best value • marbled for deeper flavour • enjoy with your favourite farm boy sauce product of canada surf í farm boytm sea scallops our tender and sweet sea scallops served with per bag & turf canadian meli extra lean ground beef ground daily in store - it gets top marks for favourite recipes save product of canada ль fresh boneless pork loin chops to your regular weekly meals! enjoy them grilled farm boy sauce fresh product of ontario canadian meli cheese & deli shop refresh sorted cheese triple cream brie farm boytm rosette de lyon handcrafted with lean pork shoulder all varieties mull of kintyre honey maple smoked ham mature cheddar cheese sliced to order at our deli counter of scotland farm boy triple cream brie apples and berries product of canada bella casara buffalo mozzarella save $1.00 ea product of canada farm boy fruit juice pops all natural ice pops made with your summer fresh pressed juice and real tea are the perfect summer treat each pack includes three summer flavours - kiwi mango fruits fruft juice strawberry hibiscus - for kids and adults alike brandt agropur saint-paulin of canada pop pops வரம் | local local 6x60 ml mallustre

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