Farm Boy Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 3)

farm boy farm boy sparkling beverages breakfast bakes or summer flavours! all varieties farm boy fruit-filled jams jam packed with ripe fruit! farm boyt grain breads all varieties farm boy waffle cookie ice cream sandwiches all varieties les while echt vine gay lea food co-op spreadable butter all varieties spreadables save $0.50 ea la fournée dorée brioche burger buns plain or sesame riviera yogurt gay lea food co-op nordica cottage cheese 1% or 2% mf save $1.00 ea nordica all varieties save $0.99 ea covered bridge the weekender kettle cooked potato chips save $0.50 ea wome spreadable lih riviera main spreadables nordica pantry staples & fridge favourites vegan bake shop fresh from our chefs liberté greek yogurt dorset cereals all varieties save at least dempster's all varieties happy planet fruit smoothies all varieties save $1.00 ea rise organic kombucha all varieties save $1.00 ea all varieties save $2.00 ea wany umet rise dorset cereals prise tortllas glaceau vitamin water all varieties save $1.12 ea think high protein bars all varieties save $0.79 ea mrs j's naturals organic fruit pops all varieties yoso plant-based yogurt all varieties save $1.00 ea organic farm boyτμ all-in-one nutritional shakes all varieties save $5.00 ea chocolate utritional she yoso nrm bon farm bo vegan gluten free organic farm boyτμ fresh baked scratch muffins made with our own recipes and baked in authentic farm boy italian breads 8" apple pie save $0.50 ea save $1.00 ea all varieties farm boytm granola clusters super crunchy and loaded with wholesome goodies save $1.00 ea cranberry & pumpkin seed or maple walnut baked fresh daily portuguese buns farm boyτμ hot meals to go chef-made hot bar classics are ready to enjoy all varieties farm boytm farm boy creamy tzatziki heat & serve appetizers serve this with tasty dip included! your bbq faves! farm boy mixed salads many of your salad bar favourites in convenient grab-and-go packages all varieties farm boy sweet & spicy corn soup enjoy it chilled on vegetarian

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