Farm Boy Flyer - 11/28-12/04/2019 (Page 7)

pantry essentials farm boytm dressings our dressings are made in ontario with real ingredients beat the salad bowl blahs with a different bottle every love your salads save $1.00 ea all varieties in the grocery section farm boyτμ texas toast they say everything is bigger to whatever you put on it save at least $0.30 ea white or whole wheat farm boytm slow simmered pasta sauce made in ontario with slowly simmered for a rich homemade flavour tomato muc save $0.49 ea all varieties mbos arm bon rm tomato basil sauce ard local local fentimans botanically brewed drinks all varieties save $2.50 ea mitchell's soup co chili or soup mix all varieties save $2.00 ea la croix flavoured sparkling water all varieties farm boүтм 100% all natural peanut butter made with ground dry roasted peanuts peanut pean butter pkg zevia zero sugar soda all varieties farm boy salsa all varieties ice river springs bottled natural spring water 100% recycled plastic iceriver farm boy™ 10" wraps all varieties ecco jalapenos hot salsa prant oste case of 10 think! high protein bars all varieties save $0.79 ea kete net sl varieties kettle brand potato chips all varieties band baan save $0.99 ea potato chips potato cran farm boy™ organic fair trade all varieties farm boyτμ vegan cookies yegan all varieties butterf chip cookies cookies think antropoffee think! think! backyard fair trade organic coffee barbe farm bot sea s2 arm bon ipke gluten free gluten free organic legan pkg frankie's ecoideas konac all varieties penne frankie's organic clouds all varieties save $0.49 ea nuages excretors clouds nuages & a.cretors loretres popcorn artisanally popped by the cretor family for over a century! kosher dairy certified gluten free all varieties save $1.50 ea farm bon dogo arm bonn arm organic organic gluten free

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