Farm Boy EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/07-04/13/2022 (Page 3)

talk about fresh! value is 100% guaranteed bag case sweet seedless clementines product of morocco the kings of snacking! did you know - dates and figs are two of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world? rich in nutrients and sugar when you're craving a treat kent or tommy mangos case sale bernie's dates or dried figs deglet dates product of tunisia we also offer pomegranate arils! bartlett pears extra fancy grade product of argentina fresh & tangy pomegranates product of peru pkg heirloom tomatoes canada no.1 grade product of canada crunchy mini cucumbers product of canada green or white zucchini product of mexico local fresh anise product of usa mamzells specialty potatoes corriander aka cilantro product of mexico mmes de terre potatoes pommes de terre mamzells imzele product of canada avdyboy oltre puree mashed darrido earthbound farm organic salad blends farm boyτμ 20-stem tulips canadian-grown and bountiful! farm boytm springtime bouquets easter host farthbo earthbor onca baby arugula earthbound farm bosani baby spinach organ spring mix please visit for a full list of store addresses to find a location near you!

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