Farm Boy Flyer - 05/05-05/11/2022 (Page 6)

farm boytm candy tellija 3 new options! save $0.49 ea farm boyτμ gelato or sorbet all varieties save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ chocolate covered double roasted eari almonds almonds almon farm bor carm bo tracker sorbet vrk & cookies gelato gelantan local betty raisin bread save $0.99 ea calypso flavoured lemonades all varieties farm boy smokehouse bbq sauce or sweet mustard farm boyt pickled salads red cabbage salad or sauerkraut som rekaman calypso calypso calyps save $0.49 ea truehkrau original men red car save $0.50 ea salada plach tad rasad ber noutawei local farm boyτμ starbucks ground coffee pike place or true north save $1.00 ea villaggio bread or buns all varieties save $1.29 to $1.49 ea farm boy organic apple cider vinegar save $1.00 ea pretzels twisted twiste all varieties retzel retzei save $0.49 ea illaggio coin true north nordique ober ptke place villaggie classico villaggio apple cidee apple cido vinegar vinegar toscana local neilson cream select varieties save $0.50 to $1.00 ea ruta neilson half hair riviera petit pot yogurt all varieties burnbrae farms organic eggs jumbo or large save $1.20 silk plant-based beverages all varieties etui silk silk organic soy save $0.80 ea neidon riviera vegan deli + cheese shops bake shop mozzarella farm boyτμ mozzarella ball made with 100% fresh canadian whole milk and zero modified ingredients product of canada country meat hardwood smoked ham smoked over real hardwood to bring out the naturally sweet flavours farm boytm 8" cherry pie jammy pie is loaded with juicy homestyle flavour you're sure to love save $0.50 ea classic baguettes these are a shopping list staple! made with simple ingredients for save $0.50 ea canadian swiss cheese made with canadian dairy the traditional way for a classic flavour snowdonia cheese co artisan cheddar and award-winning! sure to impress on any cheeseboard save $2.00 ea product of wales baked in-store cheese buns these soft and savoury buns are for sandwiches ber

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