Farm Boy Flyer - 07/08-07/14/2021 (Page 3)

from canadian farms to your grill! farm boytm chef-prepped flattened chicken popular for being as tasty as they are easy to prepare! our butchers remove up the cooking process and making new peri-peri recipe! product of canada marinated maple bbq salmon skewers generous pieces of salmon are marinated and skewered to make dinner quick and easy! simply grill or bake to your liking and pair satisfying and flavourful meal local coonid raw shrimp shrimp cut from canada aaa beef top sirloin medallion aged a minimum of 14 days for tenderness • expertly trimmed for best value • marbled for a deeper flavour • enjoy with your favourite farm boy sauce product of canada farm boytm jumbo cooked or large raw shrimp • flash-frozen to lock in their ocean-fresh flavour • an easy addition to your favourite summer seafood recipes • 23-30 shrimp per bag tumo canadian beer hayteria siuket techy bus reindeed hayter's farm lean turkey bacon or nestled beside eggs • arriving fresh from local product of canada fresh chicken drumsticks • tender and quick to cook! • enjoy them baked in a crispy panko coating or grilled with your favourite farm boy sauce • the perfect choice for an easy weeknight dinner local product of canada classic! farm boytm naturals thick sliced deli meats made with real ingredients enjoy in salads sandwiches local and omelettes softaon cheese double cream brie glavom cheese and deli shops vitto farm boyτμ healthy heart double cream brie black forest locally made with style ham canadian milk! enjoy it on cheeseboards save local product of canada country meat farm boyτμ oven roasted greek feta turkey breast 100% canadian turkey! our feta is sure to shine in save your favourite summer dishes or burgesias 699 farm boytm small batch shredded cheese available in 3 varieties! save local product of canada aged cheddar slowly aged for a rich taste save cut in-store product of canada hina angus roast beef serve with a dollop of farm boytm horseradish for extra zip! save cod επτα local all varieties

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