Farm Boy Flyer - 04/01-04/07/2021 (Page 3)

from our kitchen to yours easter les se des crise portons turkey gravy bonded in bocand fresh greed terlagery! cranberry ginger sauce made with whole anderes med hesh ginger und anos cranberry apple sausage stuffing apples bow fun boy wild italian senapend bakery freshed chive mashed potatoes osred potatoes stand und mashed with name and family-sized tourtiere aflaky golden era packed with onior potat word grundperk and feet farm boytm hors d'euvres are holiday ready take the mess out of meal prep this easter weekend so you can spend more time with your loved ones! feature gourmet finger foods at their finest choose from favourites like crispy wontons delicious dipping sauces! simply heat all varietes pkg sausage rolls serves farm boy" family-sized salads take the fuss out of meal prep this holiday weekend with our ready-to-serve salads! just add the dressing farm boy spicy eda-yummy kale dip afamily favourite! made with zingy dip is delightful with or as a spread on sandwiches farm boy family-sized whole lotta chicken pot pie homemade flavour chicken pot pie dering ndedos 1199 inealance fresh savour the mediterranean get dipping with farm boy fresh salsa salsa fresh every day with sun-ripened enough diced jalapeno peppers for motor mild salsa order in-store or online fresh ating faire mild dinner for two kurier salsa

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