Farm Boy Flyer - 03/05-03/11/2020 (Page 6)

fridge favourites farm boytm stone-baked pizza now available in new chick best pesto chicken! made using fresh ingredients green valley tarmoy stone baker pesto chicken pieza pelato farm boy gelato or sorbet just in time for maple season our maple cookie gelato is back! made in ontario with our own farm boytm pure ontario maple syrup and famous limited time! all varieties green valley free range eggs produced with 100% green wholesome diet rich in flaxseed medium or large maple cookie local farm boүтм spinach & ricotta or meat lasagna find them in the freezer section! dano happy planet fruit smoothies all varieties save $0.50 ea ras danone oikos greek yogurt all varieties save $1.80 ea sprich arista liberté classique yogurt all varieties save $1.30 ea alexia fries alexia seened waffle cut alexia farm boytm gluten free cauliflower crust pizza all varieties save $1.00 ea the sweet potato liberte classique liberté fragter classique nrm bon abs gluten free ripple pea protein beverage all varieties save $1.00 ea ripple ripple ripple earth balance all natural spreads all varieties save $0.50 ea vægan shreds daiya vegan shreds or wedges all varieties daly save $0.50 ea earth balance mozarella style shreds beds parm bon dalya 94 original vegan montere gluten free ainhouse hoiu plant based essentials farm boytm baba ganoush scoop up this creamy dip made from roasted eggplant! strawberry blonde gluten free mini cakes delightful allergy-friendly treats! henry's gourmet tempeh all varieties save $1.00 ea tempeh baba ganoush eggplant dip little soy farm bon original farm bon yegan gluten free gluten free

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