Farm Boy Flyer - 01/02-01/08/2020 (Page 6)

cool picks farm boy gelato or sorbet locally in small batches with only premium ingredients with over a dozen flavours yegan tra chicken-less nuggets farm boytm vegan protein soy protein meat alternatives are a great option for anyone looking to add plant-based proteins to their daily diet farm boytm organic whole milk nothing beats the farm fresh dairy taste! save $0.50 ea is required orlanic milk yegan beef-less tenders mno sorbet farm bo local yegan organic liberie liberté greek yogurt all varieties dano bio-k+ 100% probiotics all varieties danone oikos greek yogurt all varieties save $1.80 ea cosoc-rodotto arsented evive vive evive smoothie cubes henry's gourmet tempeh all varieties save $1.00 ea use wenn tempeh earth's own so fresh beverages all varieties cashew jofresr yegan insyetendo soy original farm bor yegan earth island dairy-free cream cheese all varieties save $1.50 ea gluten free burn brae farms jumbo organic eggs pulp & press organic cold pressed juice all varieties save $1.00 ea dairy fruits cream ch fromage a la cre farm bon anrm bos ans produits laithe cream cheese fromage mage a la cret organic organic plant based essentials farm boytm kung pao or tikka masala find them in the freezer section! save $1.00 ea farm boytm gluten free cauliflower pizza crusts elutensee cauliflower vegan crusts ready to customize with p122a cruises all of your favourite pizza toppings! farm boytm vegan cookies vegan vegan let them eat cookies! four tasty peanuthocolat varieties of crispy vegan cookies butter - chip cookies cookies farm bon vegan vegan gluten free

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