Farm Boy Flyer - 08/20-08/26/2020 (Page 2)

mozalla from canadian farms to your grill! farm boyτμ farm boyτμ artisan pork sausages flattened chicken handcrafted with lean ontario pork and popular for being as tasty as they are easy loaded with mouthwatering ingredients! to prepare! our butchers remove the enjoy fan favourites like bacon cheddar cooking process and making it easier to freshly grilled in a pillowy soft bun top with all your favourite farm boy fixings personalize it with your favourite recipe they're moist and tender every time product of canada product of canada pork ль chicken ль cut from canada aaa beef cut from canada aaa beef striploin grilling steak • naturally aged a minimum of 14 days • expertly trimmed for best value • marbled for deeper flavour • enjoy with your favourite to your desired doneness farm boy sauce fresh product of canada ль fresh product of canada ль fresh farm boytm whole chicken sea scallops to prepare with your favourite recipes for a tender and juicy finished product your family will love perfect for a gourmet dinner at home! air-chilled product of canada chicken deli farm boytm angus beemster l'extra naturals sliced roast beef creamy brie deli meats enhance this sandwich an extra old gouda revered enjoy with bread and fruit the perfect choice for superhero with farm boytm bamster for its rich flavours for a fun al fresco dinner! tubrey breast lunches that horseradish save save will satisfy the save whole family cut in store brandt brandt krinos saputo premium oven kolbassa chubs greek feta cheese mozzarella fresca roasted chicken this ontario-made classic enjoy it crumbled on salad smooth and satisfying is a picnic basket enjoy it in your favourite wraps or salads must-have! save $7.00 ea italian recipes save save $1.00 ea product of greece save $1.00 ea hot price! select varieties product of canada canadian bele canadian beef cheese tid hata gulage

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