Farm Boy Flyer - 08/20-08/26/2020 (Page 3)

pantry staples & fridge favourites el sabroso guacachip or salsitas the dip is in the chip! salsitas save $2.00 ea farm boy 100% all natural peanut butter only one ingredient! save $0.49 ea farm boyτμ organic kombucha all varieties save $0.50 ea farm boytm sparkling beverages all varieties save $0.49 ea farm boy waffle cookie ice cream sandwiches all varieties geschip butt local riviera yogurt french fruit spreads see all varieties save $2.00 ea fire all varieties save $0.99 ea dempster's 10" tortillas all varieties save $0.80 to burnbrae farms free run eggs nonna pia's balsamic reductions all varieties save $2.00 ea clintoate riviera liberté greek yogurt natrel fine filtered milk natrel flow alkaline spring water all varieties save $0.32 ea shasha co organic snap cookies all varieties temon all varieties save at least farm boyτμ organic chocolate milk refundable bottle deposit required save $0.49 ea ginger snaps flow low local stonemill bakehouse organic bread all varieties save $1.49 ea the gfb gluten free bites all varieties igfb organic meadow organic kefir all varieties save $0.50 ea koukla delights gluten free cookies or macaroons all varieties koukla farm boyτμ organic crunchy oats save $1.00 on select varieties coches die moulmea kehr khir cestcw the bake shop fresh baked flaxseed bread made with real ingredients for breakfast save $0.50 ea farm boy cinnamon rolls or twists try them served warm! fresh from our chefs farm boyτμ farm boy™ hot meals to go new family sized enjoy many of your hot bar cobb salad favourites made fresh daily and packaged to go fresh veggies! all varieties farm boy chef made delightfully crispy kettle chips delicious dips cool and creamy dips you can enjoy with choice for dips not available and more at all stores farm boy 9" homestyle pie dessert is the perfect finish to any meal save $1.00 ea all varieties baked in store cheese buns or sticks great for sandwiches or quick snacks save save

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