Farm Boy HALLOWEEN 2021 Flyer - 10/28-11/03/2021 (Page 8)

✓ new new new fas fresh ravioli sundried tomato & goat cheese farm boy sundried tomato & goat cheese ravioli stuffed with tangy goat cheese & sundried tomato limited time! farm boy belgian chocolates this assortment of fine chocolates has been carefully curated to create a diverse & exciting flavour experience or yourself! sunflower seed farm boyτμ sunflower seed butter made with dry-roasted sunflower seeds - that's it! smoothies and more! butter sunflower seed butter elegant phale orchids these sophisticated moth-shaped blooms are sure to compliment any space save $1.00 ea wetsy ginger cookies pumpkin parfaits cookie crumble 4" pot visit our distinct crispy wave ferns these unique ferns are the perfect house plant - even for beginners! blog on for this week's chef collab recipes! falling for

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