Farm Boy Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 7)

farm boytm fattoush chips cooked in coconut oil for an authentic taste & great crunch! save $0.50 ea carnin dempster's 7" tortilla all varieties dempsters tortillas ofsmalte blue diamond almond breeze save $0.30 ea almond bro almond all varieties varia ope simply saputo shredded cheese orange juice spiller all varieties all varieties taco nacho save $1.00 ea save $1.00 ea simply simply orange orange deli+cheese shops snowdonia cheese co artisan cheddar award-winners! sure to impress on your next cheese platter save $3.99 ea product of wales farm boytm calabrese salami imported straight from and slowly aged for an authentic flavour hot or mild stashe sattoushighips tattoush chips biay sch aman sulay nak issim snack factory pretzel crisps all varieties save $1.00 ea schär gluten-free bread or buns all varieties save $1.00 ea 6.⁹9 farm boy™ double cream brie brie is a star on any charcuterie board! locally made in small batches in ontario with canadian cow's milk product of canada local soft ripened cheese double cream brie mar farm boytm organic kombucha locally made in small batches with premium ingredients save $1.50 ea 6.9⁹9 local cola zevia zevia horseradish stra laberte leite liberte authentic fire roast chipotle salsa farm boytm fire-roasted salsa choose from chipotle or tomatillo and jalapeño save $0.50 ea llo and vegan 449 farm boytm all natural peanut butter made with one zevia zero calorie soda all varieties farm boy™ horseradish or regular save $0.50 ea liberté greek yogurt all varieties bake shop www farm boy™ dessert bars & squares all refrigerated for optimal enjoyment lemon bar kake shor blueberry tart peanut canut butter local plave garlic naam kaan bites rekonn lation farm boy™ naan or naan bites all varieties save $0.49 ea farm boytm homestyle lasagna save $2.00 ea traditional sourdough breads wholesome loaves made with only real ingredients all varieties portuguese custard tarts explore the sweet flavours of lisbon with these classic tarts! chocolate hazelnut or local

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