Farm Boy Flyer - 09/05-09/11/2019 (Page 3)

from our kitchen to yours at the coconut bar! farm boytm spicy eda-yummy kale dip made with nutritious and fresh jalapeños puréed into this customer favourite! or farm boy tortilla chips! dig in! currylente harvest kale salad freshly made every and dried cranberries and tossed them all in our farm boy apple cider vinaigrette! with 4 g of protein nutritious punch egan dinner for 2! farm boүтм coconut curry lentil soup made from scratch with red lentils simmered in coconut milk and mild curry spices wholesome vegan soup is high in fibre and has 7 g of protein in every cup! yegan farm boүтм family sized classic salads the easiest way to pack in fresh crispy greens with your save $1.00 ea dressing included farm boy homestyle quiches made with fresh vegetables whole eggs and real cream baked in a flaky crust until and serve for a tasty meal! save $1.00 ea all varieties farm boytm chicken parmigiana & herbed linguine the perfect gourmet meal for two that's ready to enjoy prepared foods section at the hote bar! quiche quicef meatballs & herbed linguine freshly made in our kitchen with lean homestyle meatballs are sweet tomato sauce for enjoy them with our perfectly seasoned fresh linguine for a hearty and satisfying meal! farm boy lunch bags satisfy your midday hunger with this no-fuss lunch solution! packed daily with and a juice box save satay shrimp lettuce wraps serves 4-6 what's lor dinner? toasted tomato sandwiches! type dressing rideau bakery light rye farm boytm himalayan slices of bread and sandwich your pink salt little side salad of arugula with arugula lemon dec to find out how easy it is to assemble these on!

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