Farm Boy Flyer - 07/30-08/05/2020 (Page 4)

talk about fresh! value is 100% guaranteed ontario grown cantaloupe canada no.1 grade product of canada locally grown micro goodness these innovative baby vegetables and herbs locally bok choy or napa cabbage canada no.1 grade product of canada local local weave fresh spinach product of canada organic microgreens all varieties product of canada fresh top radishes product of canada farm organic pkg sweet bell peppers product of canada crisp iceberg lettuce canada no.1 grade product of canada heirloom tomatoes product of canada local local ль case large avocados product of mexico sweet & juicy mangos case sale product of mexico caribbean red papayas product of guatemala mexico productos paisano mango 7lb organic cripps pink apples fancy grade product of chile floral field flower bouquets delightful addition to any room organic blackberries farm bo organic 7lb organic please visit for a full list of store addresses to find a location near you!

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