Farm Boy Flyer - 05/19-05/25/2022 (Page 3)

from canadian farms to your grill farm boүты farm boүтм chicken breast kebabs signature burgers handmade by us with 100% canadian these conveniently frozen patties are available in bacon & cheddar caramelized onion & swiss halloumi cheese! simply grill and top with your favourite serve with a generous dollop of veggies and a swish of our our creamy tzatziki farm boytm burger sauce for made by us product of canada save $2.00 frozen sigueide than fresh pork tenderloin before roasting to lock in its flavour • easy to bbq! product of ontario pork cut from canada aaa beef rib grilling steak • aged a minimum of 14 days • butcher trimmed for the best value when off the grill you take it ontario canadian bed hayter's farm extra lean ground turkey • a lean alternative to ground beef • easy to use in your favourite recipes product of ontario fresh whole chicken • ideal for family-style cooking juicy finished product • locally raised on ontario poultry farms horn local sustainable seafood market farm boytm canadian atlantic lobster tails • caught in the atlantic & vacuum sealed to lock in their ocean-fresh flavour to bring out its mildly sweet flavour surf'n' turf feast farm boytm wild sockeye salmon fillets • not only is our wild-caught sockeye excellent source of protein! • leaner and richer in flavour than atlantic salmon sockeye lobster tails sil sockeye salmon tallets

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