Farm Boy Flyer - 03/26-04/01/2020 (Page 6)

fridge favourites farm boyτμ organic iced black tea you won't find any artificial ingredients here - just a pure refreshing taste with natural lemon flavour and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar farm boyτμ gelato or sorbet just in time for maple season our maple cookie gelato is back! made in ontario with our own farm boytm pure ontario maple syrup and famous maple cookies - here for a limited time! all varieties farm boүтм authentic stone- sa baked flatbreads easy appetizer! available in five chicken tikka! mi save $1.00 ea felato sorbet maple cookie sarm bc tin futebeed delatus local organic serves farm boytm macaroni & cheese or shepherd's pie save $1.00 ea farm boүтм rainbow veggie fries find them in the con rainbow freezer section! veggie fries liberté 1% kefir all varieties save $1.00 ea liberté liberté liberté kefir kefir kefir outlet rainbow veggie fries macaroni & cheese yummy doh vegan cookie dough all varieties asa save $1.00 ea yummy dohe greenhouse fiery ginger organic booster fire up your immune system! ripple pea protein beverage all varieties save $1.00 ea ripple ripple ripple yumi doi fincy in glory ne fabre armbo farm bon yegan organic gluten free farm boy organic 2% chocolate milk refundable deposit required save $0.50 ea rise organic kombucha all varieties save $1.00 ea greenhouse plant based beverages all varieties save $1.00 ea riser rise farm bor arm bor farm bon organic organic organic plant based essentials farm boy kimchi locally made and vegan available in kale or organic farm boytm vegan cashew yegan cheese ciembre-stilenteri nese handcrafted with traditional cheese-making methods yegan baf free smored paprika cashew cheese the gfb gluten free bites bite-sized fuel for your day! oluyen tote bites luten sale bites organic cos kim chi vitez

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