Farm Boy Flyer - 08/06-08/12/2020 (Page 2)

from canadian farms to your grill! farm boyτμ chicken breast kebabs we stack these popular skewers by hand with 100% canadian chicken breast and simply grill or bake and serve with your favourite summer sides and creamy tzatziki for dipping! it's a fun and satisfying meal your family will love product of canada farm boyτμ gourmet burgers our gourmet burgers are the best! we start juicy patties stuffed with your favourite they're the perfect partner for your favourite farm boy fixings all varieties made by us product of canada chicken ль surf cut from canada aaa beef beef tenderloin grilling steaks steaks are naturally aged a minimum of 14 days making them superbly tender and flavourful product of canada ль wild-caught canadian lobster tails lobster tail is some of the easiest grilling out there! lightly charred and deliciously smoky delicious match for a freshly cooked steak! available frozen or previously canadian beef coconut shrimp fresh boneless pork tenderloin weeknights might look a bit different these days but flavourful pork tenderloin is still a great staple coated in your favourite sauce product of ontario ontario ль farm boyτμ sustainably sourced coconut shrimp always a hit! cato cheese & deli shop refresh hli' farm boy premium turkey breast roast ontario turkey marinated in our unique blend of herbs and spices all varieties ilchester cheese co applewood cheddar of united kingdom baik farm boy keto krackers your summer with flavour! our new line of small batch crackers are gluten- enjoy transforming them with your favourite canapé recipes! or italian imported parmigiano reggiano of italy krinos feta cheese save $3.00 ea select varieties product of canada local new brandt kolbassa chubs save $1.00 ea all varieties cypress grove midnight moon of netherlands kalo local

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