Farm Boy Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 3)

pantry staples & fridge favourites farm boyτμ bagels farm boyτμ farm boy carbonated mineral water pure ontario honey regular or lemon all varieties case of 12 available save $1.00 ea for $17.99 farm boy flavoured popcorn choose from real butter or white new cheddar & jalapeño! farm boytm creamy caesar or ranch dressing in the cooler section save $1.00 ea new peonar போல் hony popcor local local riviera yogurt gay lea foods co-op whipped cream all varieties save $1.00 ea villaggio bread or rolls regular or toscana all varieties snapple flavoured iced tea limited time farm boytm stone-baked pizza an authentic pizzeria meal in minutes all varieties save $0.99 ea warshmallo real riviera snapple apple skotidakis skyr neal brothers bbq sauce all varieties save $0.99 ea bridgehead fair trade coffee beans or ground stele rise organic kombucha all varieties save $1.00 ea all varieties skyr farm boyτμ organic juices organic orange juice or juice blends save $1.00 ea serad skyr min neal neau arothers ir thers skyr local local local organic neal brothers organic salsa three farmers seasoned chickpeas all varieties mrs j's naturals organic fruit pops all varieties elmhurst plant-based beverages all varieties fler save $2.00 ea organic farm boytm cold pressed juices all varieties save $1.00 ea all varieties save $0.99 ea almond cashew chickpeas neal brothers marrecue farm hon vegan gluten free organic gluten free organic bake shop fresh from our chefs baked fresh daily farm boytm ciabatta lungo 9" homestyle pies bread our family-sized pies are the perfect sweet finish classic french to any meal baguette! save $1.00 ea save $0.50 ea all varieties traditional farm boytm fresh baked belgian bread cinnamon rolls or twists hoagie buns save $0.49 ea baked in store farm boyτμ garden fresh pickles fresh from the vines to our stores in just regular or spicy 680 ml farm boy farm boytm spicy eda-yummy dip homestyle hummus enjoy with pita favourite! veggies farm boy chicken tenders enjoy restaurant quality chicken tenders at home! dipping sauce included farm boytm hot meals to go your hot bar faves packaged to go!

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