Food Basics Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 13) meet the locals for less love local for less herst gans this week only 5 green or yellow zucchini product of ontario alb this week only each bunch radishes product of canada fresh dill cukes product of ontario canada no 1 grade yellow plums product of ontario canada no 1 grade this week only each this week only dure county each green beans proouct of ontario ontario cherries produgt of ontario canada no.1 grade beer veco cursin veggie turkey sh vecie cuisine dinde veggie original veggie ground round yves veggie cuisine veggie ground rounds vegan végétalien sans-viande haché original this week only vecoe cuisine this week only veggie ham jambon veggie plant based sage plantes each imlari goransmetsa vax yves veggie cuisine veggie slices veggie full patties galettes de légumes en folie osting with its stride betterave wholly veggie! smart bacon veggies patties plant-based bacon southwest beet or bacon a base vegetale this week only norfolk wand picked plant based yves yves yves serler jichtlife wholly veggie! lightlife this week only this week only smart dogs plant-based hot dogs no go ondes soon soy ger vege each each non gmo dansoom lightlife veggie chicken tenders smart dogs or bacon babae macie lightlife morning farms lightlife plant-based burgers selected varieties morning star farms veggie burgers frozen selected varieties plant-based burgers à base végétale locked down always great price here each spicy black bean haricots noirs épicés each lushnu contem bergeless wedes

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