Food Basics Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 4)

produce jumbo chronies tart pemboca cal peaches or black plums product of usa no.1 grade nectarines jumbo cherries product of usa this week only this week only love local love found baby local cucts this week only this week only whole white or cremini each romaine hearts each mushrooms product of ontario mini seedless cucumbers product of ontario love local for loss kiwi product of chile goldenberries product of colombia limes product of merko or brazil le rag this week only broccoli crowns each each product of canada or usa sweet nantes carrots pink cripps apples jaine leer nantego limes limes this week only lime this week only lemons product of south africa 2l bag red or green seedless grapes ang love local royal nuts cashews ditted prunes pruneaux denoyantes russet pommes potatoes terre condes royal nuts gluten free raw cashews or brazil nuts irresistibles dried apricots pitted prunes or golden or sultana raisins dred apricots abricots seches streiro this weex only nes week only this week only russet potatoes floral organic deulogio organic blueberries product of onario carlada no.1 grade 6" begonias 6" mums the week only nes week only this week only nas week only love local organic grape tomatoes product of miloco no.1 grade each earthbound farm organic ceny organic garrots product or usa nou grade biologique organic celery organic woorde wat de this week only organic lemon-citron biologique organic lemons product oh south afrka mini orchid in clay pot carnation sings es week only this week only this week only pfen ongare each organic ceflonciera

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