Food Basics Flyer - 07/23-07/29/2020 (Page 5)

lous meat this week only always great price legagy bacon style cured boneless pork loin rolled in cornmeal fresh chicken wings bagged selection breakfast sausage cinses déjeuner selection pork sausages family pack breakfast or italian style always great price this week only fresh pork side ribs centre cut removed pri̇me raised on canadian farms d'élevage canadien prime boneless skinless chicken breast family pack this week only this week only cerwind boneless eye of round roast or steak cut from canada aa or higher grade of beef souvlak & brochettes de porte de poulet butterball pork cottage roll cured soc de porc roule turkey burgers original seasoned tr this week only this week only this week only each marc angelo chicken or turkey souvlaki family pack or bacon wrapped turkey medallions each fletcher's cured pork cottage roll butterball turkey or irresistibles naturalia beef burgers selected varieties pinty's street dawg gut stile schneiders smokies sausages selected varieties lou's schneiders this week only this week only this week only smokies recette originale each each each pinty's original or jumbo street dawg pork wieners lou's kitchen fully cooked bbq pork back ribs tzatziki swiss dung suisse irringe provolone summer fresh hummus or dips selected varieties irresistibles deli sliced cheese selected varieties mastro baby genoa salami or sliced trio or san daniele mortadella or sliced prosciutto selected varieties san mastro daniele hummu this week only always great price this week only mortadella mortadelle teach hummus each each high liner schneiders sebed kolbassa sausage saucisson kolbala face related pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique wild caught tortellini cut tos schneiders sausage rings or mini pepperoni stick selected varieties haddack sigaradure this week only this week only this week only each each each irresistibles fresh pasta irresistibles pacific white raw shrimp si oci high liner signature cuts fish fillets

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