Food Basics Flyer - 01/14-01/20/2021 (Page 2)

always more for less always stirring up great prices astro yogourt selected varieties astro this week only original balkan yooourt soda natural yogourt each wowe no gelatin this week only spinach activa active peobiotics - probiotiques actifs each locked down bunch spinach product of usa each activia yogourt selected varieties otkos this week only always great price love local ontario oikos vanilla vantee red prince apples product of ontario canada extra fancy grade red prince taste at its peak oikos greek yogourt selected varieties iogo nano drinkable yogourt selected varieties mes azal fruit enteco strawberry fraise jögo nano always great price strawberries product of usa or mexico no.1 grade cauliflower no.1 grade this week only sal lar iögo smoothie selected varieties tra van iögo iogo always great price smoothie smoothie walnuts kaksi posset ercant noix de grenoble 88€ each noticsecaro tiesreci pula cred cren turbed yogobrtare creamy 15% crémeux always great price each la presse varilla mex es variele limes product of mexico-1 ls bag irresistibles nuts 250 g selected varieties each always mo irresistibles yogourt selected varieties get ready to save! great prices start on thur milfmul1emul1fmul1v4 fb2fb2fb2

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