Food Basics Flyer - 05/07-05/13/2020 (Page 2)

food basic always great price selection selection ripples ondulees all dressed assaisonnées ripples ondulees regular nature this week only always great price each strawberries cantaloupes selection chips clescentines clementines coloma clementines this week only selection selection osted beasoned peas rachides grense sonnes milk chocolate each lemons south africa 2ls bag clementines product of morocco clementines selection peanuts selected varieties chocolat au lait always great price always great price sunshine sweet the each selection premium chocolate bars selected varieties pue gourmet fichas hackets each saxet coran this week only selection chocolate & vanilla with vanilla creme centre are crente à la vanille au centre chocolat et vanille selection cookies selected varieties always great price each pomegranate product of peru this week only selection selection cream selected varieties creme à café each always great price whipping cream each sl- this week only keurig colombian game coffee each irresistibles coffee pods selected varets 10" hanging baskets available in most stores always great price always more dea visit fo get ready to save! great prices start on each fmul1fmul1fmul1v4 fb2fb2fb2

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