Food Basics Flyer - 10/24-10/30/2019 (Page 4)

meat crazy crazy alb fresh chicken wings family pack fresh medium ground beef family pack crazy crazy alb boneless pork combination chops centre cut included inside blade boneless roast or family pack steaks cut from canada aa or higher grade of beef fresh met local fresh ontario local fra farm lontario poulet crazy crazy fresh from the farm boneless skinless chicken breast family pack fresh rainbow trout fillets family pack jack links fou's original helderlya lolot schneiders bacon crazy crazy crazy each each lou's fully cooked bbq pork back ribs 500g jack link's jerky each schneiders bacon selected varieties tre stelle aro cheddar natural selections havarti creamy-crémeux! natural selections crazy crazy crazy fontaine santé hummus maple leaf natural selections deli sliced meat selected varieties arla havarti block or deli sliced cheese selected vrties each each selecha tre stelle pacific white shrimp crevettes nanches du pacifique cooked shrimp crveces cultes mozzarella desef sus feta cheese frornace crazy crazy crazy each each cooked or irresistibles raw pacific white dog fropin selected varieties silani feta cheese selected arties each tre stelle mozzarella ball

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