Food Basics Flyer - 11/18-11/24/2021 (Page 4)

produce limes limes mangoes product of brazil this week only this week only ୨୫ each each lemons product of south africa or turkey 2 lb bag love local cinta blueberries canary melons product of brazie this week only carrots carettes carrots or yellow onions product of ontario canada no 1 grade broccoli crowns product of mexico or usa each each சாக்கட் unse tomatoes on the vine product of mexico or ontario portobellini mushrooms sweet assorted peppers product of mexico or honduras no 1 grade mini sweet peppers product of canada or mexico no 1 grade no 1 grade this week only this week only love local each trole jumbo russet pommes grape tomatoes product of usa or meco russet potatoes canada no 1 grade canada slslag acorn buttercup butternut or spaghetti squash product of ontario love local sெ potatoes terre this week only this week only this week only each fresh florida red or green seedless grapes uring organic fresh florida usa love local sida clementines usa bartlett elittle potato company attitude personnes clecektiker this week only this week only this week only clementine each each florida red grapefruit clementines product of morocco 2 u bag organic bartlett pears 2l5 bag bartlett pears bleem fresh attitude salads or kits lpc potato kits product of canada 154 g selected varieties dried fruit & nuts piones irresistibles dried fruit-nut mix or seeds selected varieties compass irresistibles dried fruit selected writies this week only pumpkin citrouille this week only this week only mélange de mixing nuts each each compass mixed nuts boog medjool trans skupina walnuts issnes this week only ana this week only this week only fresh whole midles each each irresistibles chocolate covered fruit or nut carousels irresistibles celebration tray halves & pieces 756

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