Food Basics Flyer - 09/24-09/30/2020 (Page 2)

woy always more for less selection carrots mixed berries mélange de baies moothie always great price each selection fruit selected varieties large size grano format cavendish farms restaurant lemons product of south africa 2 lb bas love local for less cauliflower product of canada canada no 1 grade carrots or yellow onions product of ontario this week only each this week only alb seedless navel oranges product of south africa or chile this week only golden ripe pineapple product of costa rica each style cavendish farms french fries selected varieties drive thru fries frites always great price each selection cashews or mixed nuts selected varieties selection always great price salted & roasted cashews noix de crjou salées et grillées each nature valley val nature sucréesesalées chwyt omanoa laxe ws tenorio hollaleo nature valley bars selected varieties always great price family familial tack malla bar each limit of 24 cedar phoenicia dark red kidney beans cedar loads phoenicia tide chick peas this week only pods tide always great price each qesinal cedar chick peas or beans after limit price 99c each erlawrerul each alway tide laundry detergent selected varieties get ready to save! great prices start of saul fmul1f mul1fmul1v4 fb2fb2fb2

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