Food Basics Flyer - 03/11-03/17/2021 (Page 5)

produce grape tomatoes broccoli crowns strawberries product of u.s.a or mexico lemons product of spain turkey or egypt this week only each each fresh florida fresh florida nantego asparagus product of mexico no 1 grade sweet nantes carrots product of canada or mexico this week only this week only red seedless grapes product of south africa peru or chile no 1 grade nos fresh florida dero famo green beans haricots verts this week only each cauliflower green beans product of usa hothouse tomatoes product of mexico or canada no 1 grade gav love local love local green cabbage product of ontario canada no 1 grade avocados product of mexico lag of 5 ore red onions proouct of ontario canada no 1 grude this week only lach peaches or black plums nectarines produkt of chile each taste at love dole love local little potat coroany local விடியோ shock classique wonderful wonderful wonderful roasted pistachios selected vieties pars poires caesar cesar this week only this week only lpc potatoes product of canada seg sellcted yarreties dole salad kits product of usa selected varieties || pistachios local ontario apples product of on canada fancy grade 3l bag or 1.13 kg bag selected varieties anjou pears each plant based floral hoy pure lightlife flowering bulbs smart bacon seon nece assorted spring bulbs pmyassorted perennials or lavender grow kit no sens this week only this week only this week only fontaine sante tofu pain extra farm lightlife veggie hot dogs or veggie bacon yves yves mevue can trees corpus this weex only this weex only this week only this week only yves veggie burgers or veggie hot dogs yves veggie appetizers selecteo varieties 6" mini roses

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