Food Basics Flyer - 01/06-01/12/2022 (Page 10)

happy chinese new year year of the tiger siwin 虎年大吉 chicken and vegetable dumpling potstickers frozen selected varieties მაგრა potstickers chicken and vegetable dumplings quenelles au poulet et légumes autonguemcun smoureuse suite fully cooked entièrement cuit each each flat cabbage product of usa or mexxo two-bite lunar new year cupcakes while quantities last irresistibles pacific white cooked shrimp rock harbour raw white pacific shrimp frozen selected varieties while quantities last fonte pacific white shrimp crevettes blanches du pacifique fontaine santé tofu plain extra firm persimon bouquet soked han gites water each each vanilla persimons proouct of spain case arjun yay pocky marukan rice vinegar sambal chili paste thai kitchen fish sauce curry paste selected valens noor shot y&y bamboo shoots or water chestnuts selected varieties ttiai marukan regie urrer kusprige sesamstangen ricevinar yay vinaigre de rit water cestnet each each glico pocky sticks ülker sesame sticks selected varieties each each arjun or noor basmati rice selected varieties ovaltine blado rice flour carine de riz üsonan đột gạo tỉnh khiết 私密指米粉 casablanca glase rice stick this vermicelle de riz cocon 塑顧牌。 uchaokoh coconut war chaokoh coconut water or juice ovaltine cookies selected varieties yay each net each each casablanca basil drinks or coconut milk selected varieties y&y rice flour selected varieties sesame oil selected varieties kitchen dale pineapple slices rubicon uchaokoh cool coconut was runnings agua de coc syrup chaokoh coconut water selected varieties potstickers rubicon drinks 4x 200 ml selected warentes icoo mango rennero ginger pos lach lach kach istra dole pineapple selected wureties tao's kitchen potstickers selected arties mas tabunt cream cmi demo napolitanke avitasoy putasoy kras wafers prens or petit beurre biscuits or gloria cream crackers selected varieties dvirasoy clarki gram doonut sur gloria cream goches croquelinsólo creme ribena blackcurrant beverage selected varieties ovaltine drink mix vita drinks some selected writies ourchocolate grace ribena valtine virgin coconut oils petit beurre each each each marigold rice 1kg grace coconut oil sugar or soy bean selected yasers each

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